Providing effective support for the coordination of governance reforms and operational management

Support to the Governance Reform Support Unit (GRSU) to be housed in the P&DD. This small unit will help the Government to monitor the progress of the KP Long-Term Governance Action Plan and coordinate external support to relevant line departments and public sector entities (LD & PSEs). The GRSU will comprise three advisors who will report to the Director-General of the PCNA Development Unit in the P&DD.

Support to the Operations Support Unit (OSU) that will be housed at the P & DD, and will report to the Director General of the PCNA Development Unit, P&DD. The Director General coordinate all activities of the PCNA program. This unit will provide operational support to GPP activities in the following areas: procurement, contract management, financial management, internal audit (firm),M&E, strategic communications, information and communication technology, and learning and gender activities.