A three-day training and consultative workshop concluded with a pledge that gender inclusion in economic development and policymaking is important and urgent in the agenda of the sitting government. The three-day training workshop was organized by the Governance and Policy Project (GPP), Planning and Development Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in PC Bhurban from 24 to 26 September. The training was attended by 43 participants from the civil service and other officers of the line departments and delegation from the Balochistan Government. Chief Economist P&DD Nauman Afridi was a leader in the two days training. Director-General PCNA Syed Zahir Ali Shah in his opening remarks said that the Provincial Government has included women’s development as a priority in the Next Provincial Budget. That is why the Planning & Development Department has established a Gender Unit with a posting of the senior female officers. Speaking to the participants in the concluding event Special Secretary P&DD Mr. Amir Tareen said that women’s development plays a key role in the uplift of the economy of the individual household in general and the country economy in particular. Other notable contributions came from Ms. Rakshanda Naz, Ombudsperson KP, and Ms. Fazelat Jehan, Chief Gender cell (P&D)

Day one was totally dedicated to awareness and sensitization on gender-related terminologies and concepts. A policy analysis of SDG-5 on gender empowerment too was presented and discussed with participants. Project cycle analysis too was discussed from a gender lens. Day two resolved around gender audit and protection of women at workplaces. Day 3 provided participants with an overview of government planning processes and the new PC 1. Particular focus was laid on incorporating gender-disaggregated data in planning documents. The hands-on experience was provided to the participants in developing concept notes and translating those into PC1s. Five groups developed concepts in agriculture, water supply & sanitation, industry, education, and livelihood. These concept notes will be formally presented to the ACS KP and will be included in next year’s PSDP.

Overall, participants suggested that the training has been helpful in changing their perspective to some extent. Participants felt satisfied Training facilitators included Dr. Javed Iqbal, Ms. Shabana Gul, Mr. Waqar Ahmad from IMSciences Peshawar, Ms. Samar Nadeem, and Dr. Sarafaraz Khan from QAU. Mr. Ashraf Khan Governance Specialist GPP was the lead moderator of the training and workshop