Governance Volunteer Group (GVG) Constituted

In a joint effort by Governance and Policy Project (GPP), implemented by the Planning and Development Department and World Bank, a session on Right to information and Right to Public Service Commission laws and services was held in collaboration with Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar, Rights to Information Commission (RTI) and Rights to Public Services Commission (RTPS) on 8th May, 2017.

Mr. Usman Ghani, joint Director IM Sciences welcomed the participants and thanked the management of GPP for selection of IMSciences as pioneer institution to constitute first Governance Volunteer Group (GVG). Ms. Zenab, faculty member, briefly highlighted the purpose of the event and formation of GVP.

Governance Specialist GPP, Mr. Ashraf Khan explained the main purpose of holding the session on RTI & RTPS, he articulated that foremost motive is to sensitize the students on the grievance redressal system and highlighted the role of students in raising the awareness regarding the RTI and RTPS laws and services. He mentioned that GVG will play vital role in educating general public on governance initiatives and will help in bridging the gap between the public and govt.

Mr. Azmat Hanif Orakzai Chief Commissioner RTI said that main aim of the commission is to bring transparency in public bodies and to make the sharing of information with the citizens as their right. RTI is putting great efforts to facilitate the citizens and is unveiling the information which were kept confidential in the past. Mr. Hanif informed that RTI Laws are being functioning in 18 districts of the province excluding areas of the FATA, he also mentioned that the amendments in the laws are to be made in future to construct the system more citizen friendly.

Commissioner Right to Public Service Commission, Mr. Shah Sahib stated that good governance comes from the rule of law, transparent system and participative decision making which is the main motive of RTPS. He said the unlike RTI, RTPS is also being functional in Federally Administered Areas. He also mentioned that in near future we are launching 35 more services which will make the system more effective for the citizens and will transfer the power of information to the grass root level of the society.

The sessions were followed by the interactive question and answers sessions. Number of Students of the IM sciences also registered as members in GVG while Dinar Wali was announced Coordinator for the group representing IMSciences. Similar groups will also be formed in other education institutions, announced by an official of GPP.