GPP wil provide Complaint Management System in WSSC Kohat & Mardan

Peshawar, August 6, 2017—Governance and Policy Project of Multi-Donors Trust Funds will provide Complaint Management System to Water and Sanitation Companies of Kohat and Mardan. WSSC Kohat and Mardan have agreed to adopt the Complaint Management System to be replicated from WSSC Peshawar. Water and Sanitation Services Companies Peshawar, Kohat and Mardan have agreed on the concept of the complaint management system in a meeting held here in the office of GPP on Friday. Chief Executive Officers of WSSC Kohat Mr. Arif Rauf, Mardan Mr. Ghafoor Khan and Peshawar Khanzeb Khan and from GPP side the Governance Specialist Mr. Ashraf Khan, Communication Specialists Mr. Muhammad Atif, M&E Specialist Mr. Pir Imran, ICT Specialists Mr. Shafat Qureshi and Procurement Specialist Mr. Waqar Khan have attended a meeting held here in the Office of GPP on Friday.
Hi-Tech Complaint Management System will facilitate the complainants as well as the companies for the speedy disposal of complaints. It will help in timely resolving the complaints with the objective to expedite service delivery. It will also facilitate the complainant with tracking its complaint status and will receive responses from the company through SMS and E-mails. The system will show statistics of the complaints and performance of the service delivery officials on the dashboard. The authority can monitor all service delivery progress and grievances from his office and will take action spontaneously. The vehicles and sanitations staff will be tracked through the system and no one can be hidden or show irresponsibility under this technology.
The CEOs appreciated the efforts of GPP towards supporting the mandate of the WSSC which will make their lives easier. They reviewed the scope of work in detail and agreed on all activities under the project. Governance and Policy Project will finance the subject project for the period of the one year along. The formal MOU of the CMS will be signed in a function to be organized by the Governance and Policy Project within a time of a week.