PPP Unit Planning & Development Department under the support of Governance and Policy Project has conducted two- day orientation Workshop from Sept 23 to 24, 2018 on Public-Private Partnership at Nathia Gali. The Workshop was led by Additional Secretary Planning and Development Department Mr. Shah Mehmood and Director General Mr. Bakhtiar Khan and Senior Public Sector Specialist Mr. Raymond Muhula. The participants of the Workshop were nodes Government Line Departments. The Senior Government Officials including Additional Secretary Finance, Additional Secretary Local Government, Additional Secretary Higher Education and Senior Officials from Agriculture, Energy & Power, Elementary& Secondary, KPEZMIC, KPOGDCL, and Planning & Development Department etc have represented their respective Departments. Director PPP Unit Sind Government Mr. Yasir Kokar were invited to the workshop as a trainer to share his experience of Sind PPP projects. The other experts Mr. Shah Mehmood, Mr. Sohail Ayaz, Mr. Zia Khattak, Mr. Azhar Khan and Mr. Rafique Jan have delivered their detailed presentation on PPP.

While welcoming the participants Mr. Shah Mehmood said that Public Private Partnership is now a common global practice of majority of government. The dispensation of public responsibilities for a government is made the challenge for a government in limited resources. Developing Countries, like Pakistan, have limited resources to meet the demands of the public. PPP is one of the best tools to make a partnership with the private sector to finance, build, and operate infrastructures, and to bridge the Government Infrastructure deficit. Mr. Shah said that PPPs are long-term contractual arrangements where a government makes the partnership with the private sectors.


He says “we as a Government must create an enabling environment that shall be conducive for private investment. From successful experiences of our counter-part provinces, Sind and Punjab- KP took special measures in this regard such as the development of a solid legal and regulatory framework, in the shape of PPP Act enacted in 2014, establishment of a dedicated PPP unit in P&D Department, headed by PPP committee and notified PPP nodal”. Although, KP Government has the capacity issue at Node level the government is committed to create projects from mid to highly financially viable projects on PPP mode. At the end of the workshop, the participants proposed some recommendations to the high authority for consideration.